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Settlement reached in pregnancy discrimination case

Pregnancy discrimination can be a very serious and harmful type of workplace discrimination. Thus, it is very important for employers to not engage in such wrongful discrimination.

Recently, a settlement was reached in a pregnancy discrimination case. The case was from Oklahoma. The case involved a child care company.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the child care company demoted one of its employees after the employee told the company she was pregnant. The EEOC alleged that the employee's pregnancy was the basis of the company's decision to demote her.

Reportedly, the employee filed a complaint with the EEOC in connection to this alleged pregnancy discrimination. According to the EEOC, after the employee filed this complaint, the child care company took retaliatory actions against the employee and two of her relatives who also worked for the company.

A lawsuit was brought by the EEOC in a federal court in Oklahoma against the child care company in connection to these allegations. According to a press release on the EEOC's website, this lawsuit was recently settled. Reportedly, under the terms of this settlement, the child care company will provide anti-discrimination training to its employees and make revisions to its policies regarding workplace discrimination. The company also reportedly has agreed to make a monetary payment.

Pregnancy discrimination and wrongful retaliation like that which was alleged in this recently settled case can cause a great deal of harm to employees. Thus, one hopes that employers are held accountable when they engage in conduct like that which was alleged in this case. No employee should have to worry that they will be discriminated against at work because they are pregnant or that they will be wrongfully retaliated against.

Source: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, "Kids R Us Childcare Company Settles EEOC Pregnancy Bias and Retaliation Suit for $75,000," July 24, 2012

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