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Settlement reached in racial harassment case

Wrongful harassment in the workplace is a very serious matter. Employees can suffer great harm when they are subjected to wrongful harassment (such as racial harassment, gender harassment, age harassment, disability harassment or religious harassment). No employee should have to face wrongful harassment at work.

Recently, a case from California that involved allegations of wrongful harassment was settled. The case involved a trucking company based in Yuba City, California. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleged that an African-American man who worked as a driver for the trucking company was the victim of workplace racial harassment.

The EEOC claimed that a dispatcher made offensive racial remarks towards the African-American man.

According to the EEOC, a white co-worker of the African-American man made a complaint to the trucking company about the alleged racial harassment. The EEOC alleged that the trucking company did not take proper actions in response to this complaint.

The EEOC sued the trucking company in a federal court in California in connection to the above allegations. Also named as a defendant in this case was an earthmoving/farming company the trucking company is an entity of. According to a press release on the EEOC's website, the EEOC and the two companies recently reached a settlement in this case. Reportedly, as part of this settlement, the two companies have agreed to make a monetary payment.

As the allegations that were made in this recently settled case illustrate, wrongful harassment in the workplace can be extremely harmful to employees. Thus, one hopes that all employers take all proper steps to ensure that their employees are not subjected to wrongful harassment.


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